Useful Tips For Attendees

The Airport (BKK) – Taxi To Hotel

Personally I just take a public metered taxi from the airport. When you come through immigration and baggage claim just walk out of one of the Exits and you will be forced to walk right, when you get as far as door 4 or 3 you should be able to go down the escalators from the arrivals on the 2nd floor, down to the 1st floor where the public taxi’s are.

When you go outside you will see lots of taxi lanes with green neon signs above each lane, proceed to where there is a queue saying

1) Local Taxi
2) Standard taxi
3) large taxi

Get in the standard taxi queue you will get a ticket when you get to the front with a taxi lane number on it, go to that taxi lane, tell them ‘The Beat hotel’ Sukhumvit, Prakanong. If by any chance you have real language barriers just tell them “Sukhumvit 71 Soi 1” or if you wanna impress them say it in Thai – “Sukhumvit Jet Sip Ett Soi Nung Bak Soi Khrap”.

If you say that they will drop you off 60m walk from the hotel.

The Venue (E88) – How To Get There Via BTS (Skytrain)

The Venue is located close to the Pra kanong BTS station (This is E8 on the Sukhumvit Line). When you arrive at Pra Kanong station look for the signs for Exit 3 and take that exit. Once you come down the stairs onto the main street just walk straight ahead for approx 120m until you see ‘W District’ on your left (You will also be able to see the big Egg Shaped bowl that is the venue).

E88 Venue

Friday Night FREE Bar

Scruffy Murpheys Irish Bar

We will be meeting up at Scruffy Murpheys from 19:30pm onwards with a FREE Bar from 21:00pm until Midnight.

The bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 23 and is easy to access from Asok BTS station. Simply take Exit 6 and walk along sukhumvit Rd until you reach Soi 23 on your left, Walk down sukhumvit 23 until you see Scruffy Murpheys on the Right hand side,

Saturday Night FREE Bar & 3 Course Meal

We will be meeting up at Sportsmans Bar on Soi 13 from 19:30pm onwards with a FREE Bar from 21:00pm until Midnight & 3 course meal provided at 21:00.

Please make sure you are here for 20:30pm.

We will be eating upstairs and the FREE bar will also be upstairs, any drinks bought downstairs will have to be paid for by you.

The bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 13 and is easy to access from either Asok BTS station or Nana BTS. Walk down sukhumvit 13 about 200m until you see Sportsmans Bar on the Right hand side.