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Do You Want Me To Promote Your Product?

If you want me to promote your upcoming launch or you have a high quality evergreen solution you want me to look at promoting, I will take a look at any products that are submitted via this page. I’m looking to promote high quality SaaS or Wordpress solutions and services for many niches including Video, Social Media & eCom.

What I’m Looking For:

(All Requests will be considered)

1) Software Based Solutions for offline business clients & agencies, affiliate marketers, product vendors, email marketers, eCom experts, designers & developers and social marketing professionals.

2) Video/Membership Based training and proven experience/results driven educational products.

3) Lead Generation tools or Innovative products that can help save time, reduce costs, increase conversions and that will wow my audience.

What I Can Offer You:

1) An engaged and loyal customer base.

2) Good sales volumes, usually 4 figures on each promo & If I work with my main business partner Richard Fairbairn, then we do a 5 figure promo each time.

3) Permanent evergreen promos on the back end of our software sales.

4) Adding to one of our many evergreen Autoresponder series.

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