A Daily Routine
October 18, 2017
A Design For My ‘Dream Life’
September 24, 2018

“Dean – I commit”

Last week I joined an online coaching program called the ‘Quick Start Challenge 2018’ run by my good friends Dean Holland & Craig Crawford.

It’s probably the kick up the ass I really need to do something with this blog. I tried to create this 1 year ago but due to procrastination, and not using my time correctly it has been neglected for a good 11 months. Well today things change.

Something Dean mentioned in the first weeks training was a thing he called ‘TM + EP = Faster Success”. Broken down basically it just stands for Time Management & Effective Planning mean you will succeed where most others go round in circles and fail over and over again.

He also mentioned that he has a set routine each day and this is the real thing that resonated with me. I know this is where I am losing vital ground in getting to where I want to be in my life.

I’m currently going through a split with my wife and today it was confirmed that my 4 year old daughter will be moving to come live with me full time in around 2-3 months from now. At the moment I am living in Thailand and she is living with her mother in Norway, so it has not been easy when its a 6000 mile trip to visit. I have got a new condo that I am currently be moving into and I am lucky enough that I have a swimming pool and gym there, this means that I can start to plan out a daily schedule from tomorrow on-wards and here are my 5 starting points:

1.) 20 lengths in the pool first thing every morning (I have purchased a waterproof walkman so that I can listen to 30 mins podcasts each day at the same time as I swim).

2.) 30 mins in the gym each day (here I will also listen to audio books on my phone using the audible app).

3.) Take omega3 fish oil capsules and upgraded brain octane oil to help with focus during the day.

4.) 1 pint of fresh juiced fruits everyday (again I’m lucky in Thailand as there are so many good cheap fresh fruits to choose from locally and seasonally all year round).

5.) Instead of working from home with many distractions I am going to get into a routine of doing at least 6 hours per day in the shared office working spaces close to where I live.

This is just the start and I hope to fine tune my daily routines over the  next 2-3 months in preparation for when my daughter comes to live with me 🙂

Dean wanted us to say that we commit to building a business for ourselves and our families, so I am saying “Dean – I Commit” to building something for my daughter over the next year, starting today with fixing my own shortcomings first.