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October 2, 2018

Before Getting Started

If you’re just getting started and wondering about the productivity of ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels, then this article is for you: we’ll break down everything you need to know, info on what each can do, and how they compare. Using this information, you will be able to figure out which platform is a perfect match for your business.


Both ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels are tools for designing and building high-converting, effective landing pages to generate leads. Though they both serve the same purpose, they generally target different types of customers, making it important to choose the right tool for your needs. For companies that need a tool for automatically generating landing pages or registration forms on different social media sites, ClickFunnels and GrooveFunster have helpful features. 


Which has an edge over another? Who do you go with? Is it difficult to make a decision? These are some of the questions that need answering. For a large number of businesses, GrooveFunnels have emerged as a go-to option for building landing pages and managing customer information. On the other hand, Clickfunnels offers a wide range of sophisticated tools that can be used by company professionals to design these sorts of pages in no time. ClickFunnels is the company’s flagship tool which includes an automated email follow-up system for capturing leads after a user has clicked on a specific link. 



ClickFunnels is a system that lets you do things like creating pages and forms for your business. ClickFunnels’ software contains a drag-and-drop Webpage editor with pre-built, customizable elements in it. You can create both custom funnels and landing pages, plus have full control over email creation and automation. ClickFunnels also allows social media integrations with Facebook ads, Twitter, LinkedIn Pulse, and more. It is claimed that the funnel builder is the best one on the market because of its ease of use! The dashboard contains all the tools organized in one place.

Generation Of Leads

Using ClickFunnels helps you in generating leads that you can interact with. You can capture the visitor’s contact information quickly by creating simple funnels. This helps in generating new leads to follow up with again and again even when they leave your page.

Selling The Products

It creates beautiful & engaging pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk through each step occurring in between the sales process. This makes a pretty good chance to convert the website visitors into potential paying customers who are going to be benefited from your products. Adding “One-click Upsell” can increase your revenue per customer. 

Follow-Up Funnels

With an additional upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum, you unlock the option to connect to your audience anytime. It enables you to send highly-targeted messages to your customers via email, text, social media, push notifications, and desktop notifications.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence helps you to get the highest traffic on your page by providing you with a case study depending on various factors. Depending upon your business and working experience. It provides you with a case study that can be used for gaining maximum leads. Whether you are an agency, freelancer, E-commerce dealer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, B2B Lead generation, or Network Marketing; ClickFunnel is a great tool for everyone. 



GrooveFunnels is the world’s Fastest-Growing CRM and Marketing Automation Platform. GrooveFunnels has always been a favorite of entrepreneurs and small business owners because it offers great value. Their focus is on making things easier for you by making setup quick and easy. You can quickly set up your account, start selling what you have to offer, and take payments in a matter of hours.

GrooveFunnels offers a template library that includes 33 templates for different categories. This is a great tool for small businesses to grow their customer base by offering clear, accessible information to customers on their website.

There is One Groove APP for all your business needs. It consists of 17 multiple Apps suits included into one.


Quick Overview of some GrooveFunnel Apps

  • GroovePages

GroovePages is a simple tool for making landing pages, building sales funnels, and more. It has beautiful design templates and was designed with Google’s Mobile-First Index in Mind so it’s easier to catch the visitors’ attention.

  • GrooveSell

GrooveSell is the marketplace for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to sell their goods or services. With GrooveSell, you can explore your options and customize your products with unlimited upsells, and product funnels. Connect PayPal and Stripe to start selling now!

  • GrooveMail

Groovemail is an email marketing and automation tool that lets you create email sequences for automated email marketing. It helps with your CRM to keep track of any subscribers, leads, or lists.

  • GrooveMember

GrooveMember makes it easy for course creators to charge for membership sites. With different levels of membership, you can assign them to usernames so that your customers have full access to the services.

  • GrooveSurvey

GrooveSurvey will help you collect information and create engaging quizzes. You can use it to determine which of your visitors are most qualified, get criteria on who needs offers, as well as what their opinion is on an upcoming event.


A Close Comparison

One of the main differences between ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels is that the latter has a more comprehensive set of features that extend into more areas. For example, it includes landing pages, mobile-specific templates for responsive designs, a form builder with over 30 types of form elements, and conversion funnels. GrooveFunnels is the best option for a makeover to a Pro Level business solution. GrooveFunnnels can be hired as standalone or as a web-based powerhouse. GrooveFunnnels doesn’t have quite as many strip downs, but they do have slightly more built-in features. Their shared hosting is also free, doesn’t have a posting limit, and allows you to license your account for easy updates. Their downside is the lack of plugins because they are attached to other products.



ClickFunnels has started its service prior to the GrooveFunnels.Hence, ClickFunnels is definitely more full-featured out of the two options. It also has a bit more intuitive user interface, while GrooveFunnels are maybe a little harder to understand at the onset. ClickFunnels can handle more complex operations with ease, which is basically just doubling down on its benefits already.