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September 18, 2017
Someone Pissed Me Off Today
October 13, 2017

Amazing Response

I’ve been pretty busy over the last month and that’s why I have kinda neglected the blog posts, one of the main reasons for this was the response we recently got to our offer of 3 FREE coaching spots.

Richard Fairbairn and I received over 1200+ applications and to be honest we were blown away by the sheer enthusiasm and quality of some of the applications. We have now gone through all the applications, 1 spot has already been filled and we have now cut the rest down to 31. We will be trimming this down to around 10 over the next 24 hours and then those remaining will be invited for an online chat to see who we think are the best fit.

The reason for this post today though is to give a little heads up to anyone who is applying for something like this in the future. When we receive so many applications the thing we need to look for is who is either:

a.) Thinking outside the box and catching our attention.
b.) Those who give us as much information as possible.

So just think about it from our perspective for 1 second. We have 1200+ applications, do you think we are more likely to shortlist you if you answer with questions like this?

Do You Have Any Online Experience?: Yes
Where Do you See Yourself in 3 Years from Now?: Rich

Or like this?

Do You Have Any Online Experience?: I don’t exactly have an online business right now. But, I got myself a domain name, hosting and auto-responder account while I am learning WordPress so that I can experiment with my site. There are many stumbling blocks that I have been encountering especially in connecting things together like how to connect your auto-responder to your site, how to make landing pages, how do you get people to visit your site, have a list, and so on. Is there a particular theme, shopping cart or product delivery to use? I am confused and lost. Someone would think that an online business is very easy to set-up but I think that there are so many things that you have to put together to make it work. And, if you make it work, the next thing you need to do is try to outsource or automate so parts so that you will be able to scale the business and focus on improving it. With this in mind, someone like me need a mentor that have been on my shoes that can guide me through the process of putting a successful business online.

Where Do you See Yourself in 3 Years from Now?: I see myself full of confidence, feeling accomplished by running a successful business online. I work at home and apply the principles of Tim Ferris’ 4-day work week. I have more time with my family to cook delicious dishes, help my kids with their schoolwork, more time to spend with family, being able to save for my kid’s future especially for college. I can now travel to the places that we want to go to. I do not worry about my husband being overworked and coming home late at night to provide for the family. I am more relaxed and assured that my family’s future is secure. Because, I was able to put up a successful business online, I would like to help other people especially moms out there to be able to have their online business as well so that they can also have time to take care of their family and be able to raise happy, healthy and successful kids.

This post is really to help all those people who only answered with 1 word answers and never really did themselves justice, they quite possibly could have been the best candidates for the coaching but we will never know this time round as we just didn’t have enough info to go on from so many people who applied. Don’t get me wrong there were 100’s of amazing applications and it was difficult cutting it to the 31 we now have, but I thought I would write this post to help those in future who apply for anything online really, the more info you can give at the outset, the more chance you will have of being shortlisted.

Have a great day and look out for the list of people we will be interviewing over the coming week.