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September 9, 2020

Affiliate Marketing – How To Make Headway

The questions I get asked most often are ‘how do you make money online’? or ‘what is it you do exactly’?

Well I usually just replay with ‘I sell stuff’ as it would be far to long winded and time consuming to sit and try explain to either a friend or a random stranger the complexities of what I actually do to succeed as a digital products vendor and/or an affiliate marketer.

It’s far more difficult and complex to move from affiliate marketing to a vendor and I would recommend anyone who wants to start earning online to begin with affiliate marketing.

Now for many people the question is ‘where the hell do I start’? – I was very lucky because I had a mentor from day one so I was kinda fast tracked to success (If this is something you are interested in then come back to this post in February 2020 as myself and Richard Fairbairn will be opening up a mentoring program and I will add the link to it in here).

I have seen many products out there promising to ‘teach’ or show you a ‘DFY’ start to affiliate marketing, but all of them require something already in place or some first hand knowledge of where to begin.

BUT…this last week I have been through some training by Trevor Carr & Jonas Lindgren called Headway and it quite simply is the newbies definitive guide to both affiliate marketing & transitioning to being a product vendor. This very high quality training (the videos are record in HD and they are very clear, precise and easy to understand) and I love it so much I felt the need to share this on my blog as it contains everything in the 20 or so videos inside that would take me 8-10 hours to explain to anyone.

I’ve kinda cheated by writing this post so that next time someone asks me ‘what is it you do to make money online’? I am just going to point them to this blog post in future…

Saying that I have recorded a review video and a look inside Headway which you can watch below PLUS I love it so much I have added 20 FREE bonuses about affiliate marketing for anyone who decides to join this training through my review page.