How I Ended Up Being A Digital Nomad and Making Money Online…

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Early Days

I left school in 1988 and if you told me then I would make money online then I would have called you crazy. The first thing I did on leaving school was I tried my hand at Art College but I soon dropped out to get a J.O.B in the real world.

I’m a former supermarket shelf stacker, kitchen assistant, landscape laborer, fish monger & civil servant who turned his back on the 9-5 with the dream of “making money online” back in 2009. That’s when I ran away from the UK and moved to Thailand to have a go at ‘Internet Marketing’. After 5 years of not really succeeding but getting married and having a new born baby girl,  I actually moved back to the UK and got another J.O.B working this time with successful people in the Internet Marketing circles. Unfortunately this wasn’t to last and I was laid off from that post in November 2015. People say that there are turning points in your life and it was at that point that I made a concrete decision that I would never work for anyone else ever again. So with the help of my friend, mentor and now business partner Richard Fairbairn, I started out on my own journey with this thing called Internet Marketing back in Dec 2015.

The Online Dream

After 6 years of scraping by, and experiencing many failed ventures, losing money buying 100’s of shiny objects that collected dust on my hard drive, I finally landed on my feet when I took the leap and got mentored by Richard Fairbairn in my quest to learn how to make money online.

Within 6 weeks of working under Richard I had built my email list and started earning a regular income online.

Many years later, I’ve now started to pay it forward and have pulled together all my own methods and strategies, coupled with over $10,000 of mentorship and other training programs I’ve been through, to now help & teach others a genuine way of building an online business.

Steps To Success 

There is “no push button” magic untapped resource, it’s all simply down to taking action daily and putting in a little effort with tried and tested methods.

Everything everyone needs to succeed online is out there, I’m here to help you pull it all together in an understandable and easy to follow online series called “Steps To Success”.

I will share everything I’ve learned over the past years and share the exact tools and training courses that I use everyday in my business in order to succeed.

Why make money online?

In this day and age, it’s now very possible for anyone to become ‘Location Independent’ or what many others call themselves ‘Digital Nomads’. I prefer the first one as I don’t class my self as a Nomad. I have a place I call home but I choose to travel as often and regular as I want, always with the knowledge I can return to my ‘Home base’ whenever I want.

This blog is all about sharing my experiences in life and helping others reach their dreams of not slaving to the system and working a J.O.B (I like to call it ‘Just Over Broke’). Freeing myself from the slavery of a 9-5 office J.O.B was the best thing I ever did. It was a pretty scary step to take but once it was done there was no turning back.

Fast forward to Today and I have now succeeded in creating a lifestyle where I can spend as much time as I want with my daughter Jasmine, and travel or live anywhere in the world I want. So now I want to give back, and share my journey, which will hopefully show others how they can achieve the same freedom away from the old 9-5 routine, and finally live the laptop lifestyle, working for themselves, or doing affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world they choose…