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September 17, 2018
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October 2, 2018

A Design For My ‘Dream Life’



A Design for my ‘Dream Life’

This week I was asked 4 questions as part of the “Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge”.

Here are my quickfire answers.

Question #1. Why I have started building an online business?

The reason I started an online business was mainly due to the fact I no longer wanted to work for anyone else other than myself.

Question #2. What I want out of my business?

My main goal is to have the freedom and ability to do what I want, when I want and spend as much time as possible with my daughter.

Question #3. What is my dream life?

My dream life would be to have properties in around 4-6 countries around the world. My daughter would have good private education and I would help as many children’s charities around the world as possible. I would not want to buy a car but would be renting many different cars wherever I was in the world.

Question #4. What is my monthly income goal to make it happen?

After doing some quick sums it works out much less than I actually thought it would cost at only $23,100 per month.

So it’s actually quite pleasing to know that my ‘Dream Life’ is very much achievable, let’s see how long it takes me though…